Moulded radiator hose

ram automotive belts and hoses

Our moulded radiator hoses are manufactured with knitted reinforcement and EPDM construction to provide high strength and resistance to heat, ozone attack and all recommended coolants.

  • Moulded to allow for full flow through tight bends
  • Permitting ease of application
  • Relieve stress on radiator connections

Lower hoses on certain applications have a steel coil inserted into them to prevent collapse due to suction.
ram moulded radiator hoses cater for vehicles where the coolant flows in reverse, i.e. from bottom to top. ram also offers a range of truck hoses.
Generally our radiator hoses do not show visual wear; therefore they must be checked regularly to prevent overheating or clogging of the coolant system.

We recommend that you replace your radiator hose immediately if it feels soft or brittle.


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