90 degree bend hose

ram automotive belts and hose

All ram 90 degree bend hoses feature knitted reinforcement for additional wall strength and feature EPDM rubber compounds, making them resistant to heat and ozone.

ram 90 degree bend hoses are designed to OEM specifications and conform to SAE JL20R4 standards.
All ram hoses are compatible with all recommended coolants and suitable for passenger cars, LDVs and trucks.

Used with hose connectors, our 90 degree bend hose can make up various configurations.

Use our tensioning chart to prolong the life of your fan belt

I.D Part Number Leg Size
13 mm RH7013 180 mm
16 mm RH7016 180 mm
20 mm RH7020 180 mm
25 mm RH7025 180 mm
32 mm RH7032 180 mm
38 mm RH7038 180 mm
45 mm RH7045 280 mm
50 mm RH7050 280 mm
57 mm RH7057 280 mm
65 mm RH7065 340 mm


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