Fan belts

ram automotive belts and hoses

ram fan belts, with precision machined rubber edges, maintain positive non-slip contact with the pulleys for increased power delivery.
Our fan belts feature our unique noise-reducing design ensuring a quieter running belt.

Each ram fan belt also features the following:

  • Treated, high strength polyester cords extend belt life andprevent shock load failure.
  • Oil resistant square-woven backing fabric reduces surface fatigue
  • Fibre-reinforced cushion section supports the cords and keeps them pulling together as a team
  • Moulded 45° Helicog construction ensures increased flexibility

Use our tensioning chart to prolong the life of your fan belt

Tension Chart
Belt Section New Belt Re-Tension Absolute Minimum
10AV 50 Kg 110lbs 41 Kg 90 lbs 32 Kg 70 lbs
11AV 55 Kg 120 lbs 45 Kg 100 lbs 36 Kg 80 lbs
13AV 59 Kg 130 lbs 50 Kg 110 lbs 41 Kg 90 lbs
17AV 64 Kg 140 lbs 55 Kg 120 lbs 45 Kg 100 lbs
A properly tensioned fan belt ensures smooth operation and extends the service life of associated components. An incorrectly tensioned belt can cause a host of easily avoidable problems, including noise, vibration, poor fan performance, bearing wear, and shortened fan-motor life.

fan belts trouble shooting guide

Ensure Avoid
That you tension correctly Belt squeal and slippage, or low tension belt flap
That you avoid unnecessary contamination of oil and water Wet and oily belts which cause overheating and degredation
That you check bearings and mountings are not damaged Cracking due to overheating belts. Bad mounting will affect alignment
That you check correct alignment Excessive side wear and belt turnover
That you fit suitable pulleys Slipping noisy belts that cannot be cured by continual re-tensioning
ram moulded cog cut edge fan belts are designed to give optimum performance and a long trouble-free life if fitted and maintained correctly


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