Lever-vent radiator caps

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Achieve the highest safety levels with ram lever-vent radiator caps designed especially for applications where safety of personnel is a pre-requisite.

The lever action prevents:
  • Scalding of hands while releasing pressure
  • Dirt blocking the valve system
ram lever-vent radiator caps are available for most vehicles, including light commercial, heavy duty trucks and off-road vehicles

lever-vent radiator caps are designed for applications where safety of personnel is a pre-requisite
The positive lever action allows the pressure to escape by simply lifting up the lever at a safe distance from steam and the boiling radiator cap. ram’s lever-vent radiator caps relieve the threat of hand burning while releasing pressure.

When changing your coolant, or troubleshooting an overheating problem, standard radiator caps used to require that you wait for the radiator to cool down before touching. But the ingenuity of ram’s lever-vent radiator caps allow you to do maintenance straightaway without the risk of burning – the lever allows you to keep a safe distance from the radiator cap and release the pressure, safely!

All ram lever-vent radiator caps come standard with our brand promise of superior quality and long-lasting durability.


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