ram automotive belts and hoses

ram anti-freeze retards overheating, prevents rust and corrosion and minimises scale and sludge build-up. Our anti-freeze is suitable for any automotive application and is recommended for all water-cooled petrol and diesel engines.

Coolants, like ram’s anti-freeze, play a vital role in the overall heat balance and engine protection.
  • Used both as an anti-freeze and a coolant
  • Suitable for radical seasonal temperature changes
  • Ensures your engine will not over-heat in summer nor freeze in winter
  • Original Monoethylene Glycol-based (MEG) formula

  • ram’s anti-freeze can be purchased at all leading automotive aftermarket retailers.

    ram’s anti-freeze comes in three variants:

    20% concentrate anti-freeze
    The standard anti-freeze comprises a 20% MEG blend and remains a universal low cost product.

    The 20% concentrate anti-freeze has a freeze point of -8°C. When diluted 50/50 with water, the freeze point is reduced to -4°C. This concentration is similar in composition to the 50% anti-freeze except for the MEG content.

    50/50 ready to use anti-freeze
    Achieve maximum uptime with ram’s 50/50 blend that requires no dilution with water and is ready to use. The solution is already 50% MEG and 50% water-based and further dilution with water will alter the freeze point of the mixture which is at -16.5°C as well as the boiling point of the mixture which is at 106.3°C.

    94% concentrate anti-freeze The 94% concentrate anti-freeze provides freeze point protection depending on the dilution ratio with water. See the table below for correct dilutions. For best results, drain and flush your cooling system with radiator flush when warm – not hot. Refill with pre-mixed ram anti-freeze, depending on the protection level required. ram’s anti-freeze must be diluted as follows:
    • 20% concentrate anti-freeze: add 1 litre per 2 litre radiator capacity
    • 50/50 blend anti-freeze: requires no dilution and is ready to use
    • 94% concentrate anti-freeze needs to be diluted at the following freeze point to concentration ratios:
    -11° C 25 % -25° C 40%
    -18° C 33 % -36° C 50%
    boiling point: 145.3° C


All ram products are available at leading automotive aftermarket stores nationwide.